Saturday, August 4, 2012

[REVIEW] Nivea Creme

Here's my very first review!!! (Clap, Clap, Clap! kkk)

Bumili ako nito kasi ang moisturizer ay nauubos na. So wanted to try new brand and I came up buying Nivea.

Form the Site (

The World’s No.1 skin care cream and the unmatched moisturizer for all the family, NIVEA Creme provides the skin with all it needs to stay pure, fresh and smooth.


1. NIVEA Creme moisturizes the skin.
Containing Eucerit, a special moisturizing ingredient, NIVEA Creme is free from preservatives and a good source of skin’s own lipids.
2. NIVEA Creme calms and soothes.
Thanks to its Panthenol ingredient, NIVEA Creme can have a soothing and calming effect on small wounds. Its calming effect supports the skin’s own regenerative qualities.
3. NIVEA Creme protects.
Its unique formula reduces redness and protects from skin irritation. It can also be used after a day in the sun to calm and reduce swelling.
4. NIVEA Creme cares for kids.
NIVEA Creme is perfectly suitable for use on children’s skin. Its mild formula, free from colour and preservatives, is the ideal choice for young skin.
5. NIVEA Creme softens your feet.
When indoors, lots of people decide to leave their shoes aside. All that walking around, without any protection, can take its toll on your toes and soles! Use NIVEA Creme to soften and soothe your feet, leaving them looking and feeling supple and smooth.
6. NIVEA Creme gives a helping hand.
We rely on our hands every day. Doing the dishes, working in the garden, even carrying shopping bags in the mall: it all means stress and strain for our hands. NIVEA Creme can be used to replenish the moisture our hands lose through daily chores and activities. Use NIVEA Creme to reward your hard working hands with a little bit of pampering and extra care.
7. NIVEA Creme makes you smile.
Whether you are at work, rest or play: you should always strive to look your best! Use NIVEA Creme to freshen-up your lips, leaving them looking and feeling simply irresistible!
8. NIVEA Creme gives you a glow.
Sometimes it is easy to see when you had a stressful day. This is when you should treat yourself to a relaxing, stress-busting NIVEA Creme facial. Its cooling qualities will help to get rid of all that built up tension and allow them to get a great sleep before facing the new day —refreshed and revived! 
Skin compatibility dermatologically proven. 

It look like this.

It has also a seal which I like

The creme look like this. Super thick niya.

This will look like this when you applied in the hand

  • softens my skin (i used it in my hands and feet)
  • it has a mild scent
  • handy
  • no irritation in the hand and feet
  • it has a seal
  • the manufactured date is seen in the tin
  • inexpensive (P122.75/60ml)
  • the packaging ( pagkauwi ko nakita ko ung seal parang hindi masyadong nakadikit, ung madaling natatanggal ung seal. Tapos ung tin, sa umpisa lang siya naglolock, ngayon hindi na siya masyandong naglolock kaya be careful nalang kung lalagay niyo sa bag)
  • I don't like that much its thickness
  • I tried it on the face but it gives bumps

Yes, lalo na sa mga may super dry skin esp. hands and feet. It's the solution to it.

No. I will try another brands in the market.

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